NS Complexity Progress Day – May 28th, 2013


After doing a lot of research during the last year, we organized a meeting to communicate our progress to interested employees of Dutch Railways (NS). A lot of people showed up and we wish to thank all of them again for their interest! We enjoyed the afternoon very much and had great discussions with many of the participants.

We gave presentations on topics that were presented at scientific events such as the Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT), the Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT) of the AAMAS, the International Workshop on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis (RailCopenhagen), the PhD conference of the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (LNMB) and the joint PhD conference of the TRAIL and BETA research schools. Furthermore, some of the topics will be presented at the Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis (TRISTAN).

You can find the slides of our presentations by clicking on the links of the program of the day:

Note that a few graphs and pictures have been removed due to sensitivity of the data. If you are interested to see them, you are of course free to contact us!