Revenue Management

The ComPuTr projects consists of two tracks: Disruption Management and Revenue Management. This page is about the second track, a PhD project carried out by Paul Bouman.

Currently, the work carried out within the Revenue Management track of the ComPuTr project is in collaboration with Milan Lovric and Ting Li. The goal is to build an Agent-Based simulation for experimentation with different product and pricing strategies. The possible use for such an simulation is illustrated in Figure 1. The current platform of choice for the simulation is MATSim.


Figure 1: Component Diagram for possible use of the simulation

One of the big challenges at the moment is the generation of the Agent population, especially the demand. The customer data gives insight into the question when people travel, but not into the question why people travel. One point of discussion is the question how detailed the Agent model must be to be able to simulate the behavior of passengers inside a public transport system. This issue is illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2: We can model passengers based on different levels of detail

Another topic that will be researched in the near future is the question how the agents should select their prefered method of travel. One of the goals is to include different modes of transport (bus, tram or metro) in the simulation model.