CASPT and ATT papers, MATSim workshop

We have been rather busy recently! Evelien is preparing her presentation that she will give at the Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport (CASPT), where she will present the paper “Dynamic Forecast Model of Time Dependent Passenger Flows for Disruption Management“. In this paper, an algorithm which aggregates passenger flows based on their location while taking the location of the disruption in account, is presented. Applying this algorithm to smart card data, short term forecasts of passenger flows are generated. Knowledge on passenger flows enables disruption management to focus on passenger service level and hence leads to improving this service level.

Paul visited the MATSim tutorial and user meeting in Berlin, where he learned more about the MATSim software. Additionally, a number of interesting applications were presented. Furthermore, he has been busy working on the paper he will present at the Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation, held at AAMAS 2012 on June 5th, in Valencia, Spain. The paper is called “Recognizing Demand Patterns from Smart Card Data for Agent-Based Micro-simulation of Public Transport” and discusses how we can derive an agent-population from smart card data, focusing on temporal preferences of the agents.

Finally, we added a video of the poster pitch presentation, given by Leo Kroon at the KNAW day on ‘Understanding and managing complex systems’ to the new video section of our site.

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