NWO Complexity winterschool and KNAW “Understanding and managing complex systems” – Great success

From 19 to 23 december 2012 NWO organized a winterschool for all its Complexity-project participants. During this week PhD students with different backgrounds, from biology to psychology to physics, were introduced to the theory of complexity.

Main lecturers Dan Braha and Hiroki Sayama spoke about complex networks, agent based modeling, game theory and non linear dynamics among many other topics. Presentations focused on the application of complexity theory were given by Kees Stam, Rob de Boer and Peter Nijkamp, among others.

As part of the NWO winterschool participants in groups of three specifically chosen for their diverse background wrote a short paper on a complexity topic of their choice. As reviews came in, many papers were a promising start for a paper that has a good chance of being publishes.

The group of Paul, Sanja and Marco wrote a paper on modularity and innovation. They find by simulating a random and a lattice network for decision interaction that the effectiveness of modularity in the decision making of firms strongly depends on the way the decisions interact. By studying multiple different networks through simulation, they showed that modularity is beneficial if the decisions interact with the structure of a lattice network, while this is not the case for random networks.

Wouter, Jos and Evelien focused on the effect of limited information on forecasting of market prices. They introduced a network structure that determined the communication between virtual participants to a heterogeneous forecasting model. Studying different network topologies they find that the average degree of a network influences the ability for the best forecasting strategy to spread through the network. Their paper can be found here.

The winning paper, on the effect of limited information on the topology of a network, presented their results at the KNAW day on ‘Understanding and managing complex systems’. Moreover, it was a great opportunity for participants to meet again and be reminded of all the great topics that are around in complexity research. You can watch the poster pitch presentation as given by Leo Kroon on Vimeo.

Link to the winterschool webpage
Link to the KNAW-day webpage

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